Sierra Canyon has sent more than 105 student-athletes to colleges all over the country since its inception as a high school eleven years ago.    Sierra Canyon School is an academically excellent, college preparatory school committed to an empowering environment in which students realize their greatest intellectual, creative, ethical, and physical promise. We look forward to watching our student-athletes succeed both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Name Year School Sport
Cameron Antoine-Dillon 2017 Washington State University Volleyball
Nate Biondi 2017 University of California, Berkeley Swimming
Hunter Bleeden 2017 Oberlin College Basketball
Bobby Cole 2017 University of New Mexico Football
Alexis Griggsby 2017 University of Washington Basketball
Niko Harris 2017 University of California, Davis Football
Sophia Jacobsson 2017 Utah Valley University Basketball
Stefan Klijaic 2017 Augustana College Basketball
Leah Krivitsky 2017 University of Rhode Island Softball
Savannah Lewis 2017 Brown University Basketball
Remy Martin 2017 Arizona State University Basketball
Terrance McBride 2017 Cornell University Basketball
Taylor Mitchell (All-American) 2017 Duke University Soccer
Jake Patterson 2017 University of Redlands Baseball
Kanan Ray (All-American) 2017 University of California, Los Angeles Football
Cody Riley (All-American) 2017 University of California, Los Angeles Basketball
Caitlyn Rivera 2017 Chestnut Hill College Softball
Miles Rosberg 2017 University of California, Berkley Lacrosse
Brittany Sacks 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Soccer
Adam Seiko 2017 San Diego State University Basketball
Sam Shadorf 2017 Brown University Football
Seth Stone 2017 Pomona Pitzer College Baseball
Deanne Umbay 2017 Brown University Swimming
Bailey Wilson 2017 Keene State University Volleyball
Dylan Tait 2017 Southern Utah University Football
Alon Arnaldes 2016 California Lutheran University Soccer
Mariah Ewing 2016 Harvey Mudd College Soccer
Christian Hernandez 2016 Georgetown University Football
Kohl Hollinquest 2016 University of Pennsylvania Football
Eric Markes 2016 University of Pennsylvania Football
Devearl Ramsey 2016 University of California, Santa Barbara Basketball
Matti Schulman 2016 Oklahoma State University Equestrian
Peyton Shaffer 2016 Fresno Pacific University Soccer
Dexter Stinson 2016 Lafayette College Football
Jonah Tipp 2016 Chapman University Soccer
Spencer Vinson 2016 WPI Basketball
Wesley Wright 2016 Occidental College Baseball
Brock Bell 2015 California State University, Northridge Baseball
Kennedy Burke 2015 University of California, Los Angeles Basketball
Kaizer Butler 2015 Lafayette College Football
Eric Cohen 2015 Tufts University Football
Destinne Dubose 2015 Wheaton College Volleyball
Robert Feinberg 2015 Harvard University Basketball
Jake Fried 2015 University of Arizona Baseball
Makenna Gandara 2015 University of California, San Diego Soccer
Lauren Goetzman 2015 Wesleyan University Soccer
Avia Jacobs 2015 Mount Holyoke College Soccer
Karl Kani 2015 University of Washington Baseball
Hunter Mattox 2015 Washington State University Football
Gabrielle Nevill 2015 California Lutheran University Basketball
Devon O'Grady 2015 University of Nebraska Kearney Football
Zach Pierre 2015 University of Nebraska Kearney Football
Isaiah Renfro 2015 University of Washington Football
Carly Saitman 2015 Emory University Volleyball
Cheyanne Wallace 2015 Loyola Marymount University Basketball
Parker Cartwright 2014 University of Arizona Basketball
Justin Escudero 2014 University of Wyoming Football
Jessica Fogel 2014 University of the Pacific Soccer
Zoe Goss 2014 Concordia University Basketball
Kyra Hill 2014 University of Texas, Pan American Volleyball
Brett Johanesson 2014 New York University Baseball
Briana LaCroix 2014 Ohio Wesleyan University Volleyball
Jackson Ramey 2014 Swarthmore College Baseball
Raina Sprock 2014 University of Redlands Track
Noah Zgrablich 2014 Columbia University Football
Blade Brady 2013 Harvard University Football
Shayne Eiseman 2013 Pace University Swimming
Jonathan Fazio 2013 California State University, Northridge Soccer
Jesse Janes 2013 University of Redlands Football
Ramy Linares 2013 Valaparaiso University Football
Xavier Menifield 2013 Northwestern University Football
Lena Perry 2013 University of the Pacific Soccer
Jorden Sneed 2013 Bucknell University Basketball
Brian Tucker 2013 Elmhurst University Football
Sean Adler 2012 University of Southern California Baseball
Brandon Baxter 2012 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Track
Julian Brooks 2012 University of Nevada Football
Gabby Cohen 2012 Chapman University Soccer
Danny Gordon 2012 Wesleyan University Football
Danny Jordan 2012 Morningside College Football
Drew Kohl 2012 New York University Volleyball
Aaron Landecker 2012 Lewis and Clark College Baseball
Patrick McGown 2012 Villanova University Football
Lilly Parks (All-American) 2012 University of California, San Diego Swimming
Megan Patterson 2012 Claremont McKenna College Soccer
Alex Porath 2012 University of California, Santa Barbara Tennis
Reggie Prince 2012 University of Central Oklahoma Football
Bryan Robinson 2012 Howard University Lacrosse
Tyler Stewart 2012 University of Nevada Football
Andrew Terry 2012 Brown University Football
William Young 2012 Adams State University Football
Daniel Cohen 2011 Wesleyan University Basketball
Michael Cohen 2011 Pomona College Basketball
Shane Harrison 2011 California State University, Sacramento Football
Caleb Nickels 2011 Augustana College Football
Vanessa Skrumbis 2011 Georgetown University Soccer
Jasmine Sneed 2011 Northern Arizona University Basketball
Victoria Wells 2011 Colorado State University Basketball
Duncan Laliberte 2010 Cal Lutheran University Football
Andrew Clark 2009 Colorado College Football
Navin Khetarpal 2009 Chapman University Football
Brenda Kramer 2009 Whittier College Basketball
Katie Schad 2009 Wesleyan University Volleyball