Tania Possick

Dance — Coach

Coach Bio

Sierra Canyon would like to welcome Tania Possick in her first year as the school’s Dance Coach.  Possick has over 15 years in the dance industry where she has coached many different teams.

What is your favorite part of coaching? “My favorite part of coaching is creating an environment where students can express themselves through the arts and athletics.  Seeing them grow, meeting their goals and work as a team are all important to me.”

What is your fondest moment coaching at Sierra Canyon? “It has been creating a new team.  I cannot wait to get the year started.”

What makes coaching at Sierra Canyon special? “I have noticed that the students and staff here are incredibly motivated and supportive.  It is very special that we as coaches are supported and encouraged to push beyond the boundaries.  It makes for successful programs and I am very proud to be working with this team of people that want the best for us and for the students.”