The Trailblazer Award is awarded to an outstanding male and female student-athlete at the end of the each school year.  The award is in recognition of their overall performance both on and off the playing field and in the classroom.   Recipients of this award should be truly exceptional in each of the following areas:

Athletic Achievement



Trailblazer Spirit

Name Year Sport
Juju Watkins 2022 Basketball
Kassius Thomas 2022 Baseball
DJ Harvey 2020 Football
Taylor Simpson 2020 Volleyball
Kenyon Martin, Jr. 2019 Basketball
Scotty Pippen, Jr. 2019 Basketball
Cassius Stanley 2019 Basketball
Vanessa DeJesus 2019 Basketball
May Pertofsky 2018 Volleyball
Matthew Chopp 2018 Lacrosse
Bobby Cole 2017 Football
Brooke Golik 2017 Cross Country - Soccer - Beach Volleyball
Nate Biondi 2017 Swimming
Taylor Mitchell 2016 Soccer
Niko Harris 2016 Football
Kohl Hollinquest 2016 Football - Basketball
Carly Saitman 2015 Soccer - Volleyball
Kaizer Butler 2015 Football
Mallory Goldfarb 2014 Cross Country - Soccer
Noah Zgrablich 2014 Football - Soccer
Cheyanne Wallace 2014 Basketball
Lena Perry 2013 Volleyball - Soccer - Swimming
Jesse Janes 2013 Football
Drew Kohl 2012 Volleyball - Soccer
Tyler Stewart 2012 Football
Lilly Parks 2011 Swimming
Shane Harrison 2011 Football
Vanessa Skrumbis 2010 Soccer
Daniel Cohen 2010 Basketball - Football
Victoria Wells 2009 Basketball
Michael Cohen 2009 Basketball - Football
Brenda Kramer 2008 Basketball
Daniel Cohen 2008 Basketball