Sierra Canyon has sent more than 200 student-athletes to colleges all over the country since its inception as a high school sixteen years ago.    Sierra Canyon School is an academically excellent, college preparatory school committed to an empowering environment in which students realize their greatest intellectual, creative, ethical, and physical promise. We look forward to watching our student-athletes succeed both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Name Year School Sport
Olivia Babcock (All-American) 2023 University of Pittsburgh Volleyball
Trey Byrd 2023 Wagner University Football
Cameron Brandt 2023 University of Michigan Football
Lavon Brown 2023 Colorado State University Football
Omar Cisneros 2023 California State University, San Marcos 2023
Madelaine Debs 2023 Bethel University Softball
Ashton Hardaway 2023 University of Memphis Basketball
Kehden Hettiger 2023 University of Oregon 2023
Ava Hewitt 2023 Clemson University Volleyball
Bronny James (All-American) 2023 University of Southern California Basketball
Evin James 2023 Colorado State University, Pueblo Football
Lucas Kearney 2023 Swarthmore College Lacrosse
Audri Klionsky 2023 Lawrence University Soccer
Rodney Leaks 2023 Houston Christian University Football
Dylan Metoyer 2023 Howard University Basketball
Jimmy Oladokun 2023 University of San Diego Basketball
Elijha Payne 2023 University of Arizona Football
Josiah Phillips 2023 Brigham Young University Football
Jaida Sione 2023 Cornell University Volleyball
Juju Watkins (All-American) 2023 University of Southern California Basketball
Grant Werdesheim 2023 Brown University Baseball
Crystal Wang 2023 Northwestern University Basketball
Daniel Ademisoye 2022 University of Tulsa Football
Zachary Anderson 2022 Oberlin College Tennis
Amari Bailey 2022 University of California, Los Angeles Basketball
Josh Bailey 2022 Concordia University, Irvine Lacrosse
Viktoria Balbin 2022 Sarah Lawrence College Soccer
Andrew Cisneros 2022 University of California, Davis Baseball
Daniel Duran 2022 University of San Diego Football
Trevor Fairbanks 2022 Hood College Lacrosse
Benjamin Graham 2022 Maryville University of Saint Louis Lacrosse
Caden Harman 2022 United States Military Academy Football
Dashaun Harris 2022 University of California, Berkeley Football
D'Shawn Jones 2022 Princeton University Football
Jason Jones, Jr. 2022 University of Central Missouri Football
Ezekiel Larry 2022 Yale University Football
Josh Leff 2022 University of Illinois Football
Ramel Lloyd 2022 University of Nebraska, Lincoln Football
Hunter Lysholm 2022 University of San Diego Football
Evan Manjikian 2022 University of California, Los Angeles Basketball
Maxwell Martin 2022 University of California, Irvine Baseball
Eddie Mgdesyan 2022 University of Southern California Baseball
Jaden Noot 2022 Louisiana State University Baseball
Shyheim Odom 2022 Howard University Basketball
Isis Orellana-Diaz 2022 Johns Hopkins University Cross country
Jake Pillsbury 2022 Oberlin College Lacrosse
Jacob Quiroz 2022 California State University, Fresno Football
Kamari Ramsey 2022 University of California, Los Angeles Football
Lauren Retsky 2022 University of Hawaii, Hilo Soccer
Sydney Schenider 2022 Washington University Softball
Kenji Swanson 2022 Stanford University Football
Kassius Thomas 2022 Duke University Baseball
Michael Wooten 2022 University of Oregon Football
Kijani Wright (All-American) 2022 University of Southern California Basketball
Jordan Becker 2021 University of California, Irvine Soccer
Justine Bergera 2021 Muhlenberg College Softball
Jackson Brass 2021 Illinois Tech Lacrosse
Josh Bryan 2021 University of Notre Dame Football
Bryce Bond 2021 Western Oregon University Baseball
Morgan Brown 2021 University of Southern California Soccer
Henry Deakins 2021 Texas Christian Univeristy Football
Alexie Epstein 2021 Santa Clara University Beach Volleyball
Kalwin Iha 2021 Whittier College Lacrosse
DJ Harvey 2021 Virginia Tech University Football
Chris Kent 2021 Southern Utah University Football
Eli Larry 2021 Naval Academy Football
Terrell Long 2021 Columbia University Football
Shane McClendon 2021 George Fox University Baseball
Tamia Murphy 2021 D'Youville College Basketball
Chayden Peery 2021 Georgia Tech University Football
Taylor Simpson 2021 University of Colorado,Boulder Volleyball
Jackson Slipock 2021 University of Chicago Baseball
Amber Toven 2021 University of Arizona Softball
Dru Watts 2021 University of Nevada, Reno Football
Jacob Bennett 2020 Christian Brothers University Baseball
Brandon Boston, Jr. (McDonalds All-American) 2020 University of Kentucky Basketball
Aris Brown 2020 Hampton University Lacrosse
Jazlyn Campbell 2020 Oregon State University Soccer
Ashley Chevalier 2020 University of Texas Basketball
Anthony Ciccarelli 2020 California Lutheran University Baseball
Vanessa De Jesus 2020 Duke University Basketball
Bleu Ellis 2020 George Fox University Baseball
Terren Frank 2020 Texas Christian University Basketball
Jacob Huddleston 2020 University of Oregon Lacrosse
Aidan Jones 2020 Lawrence University Cross-country
Jaylen Jordan 2020 California State University, Long Beach Volleyball
Clinton Kobani 2020 California State University, Humboldt Lacrosse
Alexis Mark 2020 Boise State University Basketball
Rosemary Odebunmi 2020 Pepperdine University Basketball
Addison Peeler 2020 Tulane University Beach Volleyball
Luca Rubin 2020 Babson College Baseball
Vanessa Smart 2020 California State University, East Bay Basketball
Tatum Solis 2020 California State University, Fullerton Soccer
Zachary Thannum 2020 Wesleyan University Football
Tara Tweedy 2020 Trinity College Softball
Janae Weise 2020 Rider University Softball
Ziaire Williams (McDonalds All-American) 2020 Stanford University Basketball
Angela Bacoulis 2019 Concordia University Basketball
Josh Carlin 2019 University of California, Los Angeles Football
Storm Cree 2019 McGill University Lacrosse
Cooper Endicott 2019 Ohio Wesleyan Lacrosse
Jessica Fitzwilliam 2019 University of Nevada, Reno Soccer
EJ Gable 2019 Sacramento State University Football
Bobbie Golik 2019 Colorado Mesa University Soccer
Marissa Johnson 2019 Fresno State University Swimming
Christian Koloko 2019 University of Arizona Basketball
Ben Lee 2019 Chapman University Football
Mac Maclean 2019 Bucknell University Baseball
Kenyon Martin, Jr. 2019 Vanderbilt University Basketball
Amanda Olinger 2019 University of San Diego Basketball
Samantha Perry 2019 Franklin and Marshall Tennis
May Pertofksy 2019 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Volleyball
Scotty Pippen, Jr. 2019 Vanderbilt University Basketball
Chris Pruett 2019 Cal Lutheran University Football
Sarah Schneider 2019 University of Pennsylvania Softball
Cassius Stanley 2019 Duke University Basketball
Jared Staub 2019 University of California, Berkeley Football
Zoie Stewart 2019 Yale University Volleyball
Ray Sullivan 2019 Washington University Football
Eli Turovsky 2019 Colorado College Lacrosse
Carly Beard 2018 Regis University Softball
Matthew Chopp 2018 St. John's University Lacrosse
Kayla Chong 2018 Lewis & Clark College Basketball
Brianna Davis 2018 California State University, Northridge Soccer
Billy Edwards 2018 Transylvania University Baseball
Michael Feinberg 2018 Yale University Basketball
Alex Feldman 2018 Emory University Swimming
Zoe Fleck 2018 University of California, Santa Barbara Volleyball
Parker Gelfuso 2018 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Baseball
Brooke Golik 2018 Southern Methodist University Soccer
Neil Lenhoff 2018 Pitzer College Football
Noah Levin 2018 George Washington University Baseball
Vincent Lightner 2018 California Lutheran University Football
Noah McGregor 2018 California Lutheran University Football
Alyssa Nunez 2018 Sacramento State University Softball
Adrian Paredes 2018 Occidental College Soccer
Ryann Payne 2018 Texas Christian University Basketball
Mason Quandt 2018 University of Pennsylvania Football
Drew Samson 2018 Occidental College Softball
Chris Torres 2018 Post University Baseball
Duane Washington, Jr. 2018 Ohio State University Baskeball
Cameron Antoine-Dillon 2017 Washington State University Volleyball
Marvin Bagley III 2017 Duke University Basketball
Nate Biondi 2017 University of California, Berkeley Swimming
Hunter Bleeden 2017 Oberlin College Basketball
Bobby Cole 2017 University of New Mexico Football
Alexis Griggsby 2017 University of Washington Basketball
Niko Harris 2017 University of California, Davis Football
Sophia Jacobsson 2017 Utah Valley University Basketball
Stefan Klijaic 2017 Augustana College Basketball
Leah Krivitsky 2017 University of Rhode Island Softball
Savannah Lewis 2017 Brown University Basketball
Remy Martin 2017 Arizona State University Basketball
Terrance McBride 2017 Cornell University Basketball
Taylor Mitchell (All-American) 2017 Duke University Soccer
Jake Patterson 2017 University of Redlands Baseball
Kanan Ray (All-American) 2017 University of California, Los Angeles Football
Cody Riley (All-American) 2017 University of California, Los Angeles Basketball
Caitlyn Rivera 2017 Chestnut Hill College Softball
Miles Rosberg 2017 University of California, Berkley Lacrosse
Brittany Sacks 2017 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Soccer
Adam Seiko 2017 San Diego State University Basketball
Sam Shadorf 2017 Brown University Football
Seth Stone 2017 Pomona Pitzer College Baseball
Deanne Umbay 2017 Brown University Swimming
Bailey Wilson 2017 Keene State University Volleyball
Dylan Tait 2017 Southern Utah University Football
Alon Arnaldes 2016 California Lutheran University Soccer
Mariah Ewing 2016 Harvey Mudd College Soccer
Christian Hernandez 2016 Georgetown University Football
Kohl Hollinquest 2016 University of Pennsylvania Football
Eric Markes 2016 University of Pennsylvania Football
Devearl Ramsey 2016 University of California, Santa Barbara Basketball
Matti Schulman 2016 Oklahoma State University Equestrian
Peyton Shaffer 2016 Fresno Pacific University Soccer
Dexter Stinson 2016 Lafayette College Football
Jonah Tipp 2016 Chapman University Soccer
Spencer Vinson 2016 WPI Basketball
Wesley Wright 2016 Occidental College Baseball
Brock Bell 2015 California State University, Northridge Baseball