Sierra Canyon Cheer goes COMPETITIVE!

Sierra Canyon Cheer goes COMPETITIVE!

The Sierra Canyon school in Chatsworth has long been well-known for its top academics and championship athletics program.

Outstanding arts and music. There has always been something for everybody.

Now, you can add competitive cheerleading to the equation for the top independent school on the west coast.

“We are creating a culture and mindset of treating it like any other sport on campus,” head coach Jason Vaca said. “It’s fun and serious business at the same time.”

Sierra Canyon has always had sideline cheer. It’s now going to another level with competitive cheer.

“The team is practicing 3-4 days a week, conditioning, weight lifting and putting in the work,” Vaca said. “We are trying to gain respect on campus like any other sport. The girls are working just as hard.”

The competitive cheer team has performances and competitions with and against other schools. There are regional, state and national competitions.

The team is currently signed up for a regional competition in November in Manhattan Beach. A berth to the national tournament in Orlando, Florida will be on the line.

“It’s like the super bowl of cheerleading,” Vaca said. “The event is televised on ESPN and has been around since the 70’s. There are college, high school and middle school divisions. So much time and effort goes into a 3-minute routine.”

The thought process for competitive cheer is just like football, basketball, baseball or any other sport on campus.

“It takes structure, discipline and a sense of pride to be successful,” Vaca said. “It’s getting the girls to understand there is meaning to all of this. It’s very competitive.”

Vaca pointed to a few key standouts early on.

Twins Jessie and Delilah Combs, Jayde Alexander, Sienna Singer, Jordan Strum, Ava Nut, Camden Davis and Sahhra Mazaheri have all stood out.

Alexander is excited for the transition, “Going out there and competing against other schools will be super exciting.  It adds another element to the cheer program.  Everyone knows the name Sierra Canyon, now they are going to know it for a different reason.”

“It’s their leadership, drive and passion for the sport that has been impressive.” Vaca said.

Sierra Canyon is not only catering to the high school for its cheer program. The mission of the school is to build from the elementary on up.

“We want to make our program welcoming and available at the lower school level to start the interest and grow the future of the team,” Vaca said.

Alexander has her eyes on a goal that all student-athletes have at Sierra Canyon, “We want to hang a banner, just like all of the other sports at Sierra Canyon,” she said.