Cheer team ready for next level

Cheer team ready for next level

By:  Kendra Landau

The cheer season is quickly approaching and the team is preparing for a new season, led by captain Liza Gill (‘19).

“As captain, my main duties are to be a mediator between the team and coaches, to lead cheers at games and stretches at practice, coordinate team bonding activities, hype the team up and encourage them, and also be a leader and mentor to the younger girls on the team,” Gill said.

Gill has participated in cheer since her freshman year, and it has taught her numerous things about herself and has allowed her to get closer to a new group of people.

“Cheer has taught me so much. I’ve become a much better leader; I’ve learned time management, how to communicate with people, build relationships, coordinate and plan events, time management, and to have a sense of responsibility. It’s also help me grow as a individual outside of cheer, as I used to be super shy, and now I’m very outgoing,” Gill said.

Another cheer member, Mehima Pruthi (‘19), has similarly had such an amazing experience with cheer, and now she wants others to experience it, too.

“Cheer has helped me get into shape, and being a flyer has allowed me to learn to trust [my teammates], which led to my relationships with people on the team becoming deeper. Others should join cheer because it’s a very fun way to stay in shape. One of the benefits is that you aren’t doing only one specific type of exercise all the time,” Pruthi said.

Coach Rachel Kay and assistant coach Solene Flores are hosting tryouts on May 8th, location to be determined, in either the gym or black box on May 8th. There will also be a uniform fitting on May 10, and everyone participating in cheer needs to be present. Practices will continue throughout May and summer practices will start on July 10 and end on August 16. There will be no practice in June and fall practices will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.