Volleyball Seeking Revenge For CIF Championship

1j1a3337Volleyball Seeking Revenge For CIF Championship

By Sareen Bekerian, “The Standard”

Starting the season strong with 13-1, the girls varsity volleyball team is looking forward to great success this season.

Last season, the team went all the way to CIF finals, but lost 3-1 to Louisville. According to Head coach Stephanie Wigfall, the team hopes to win a CIF championship this season, the team is willing to work tirelessly to achieve that communal goal.

“We have the skill to do it…we have a lot of really good talent on our team. [To win CIF] I think it’s just going to take mental strength and keeping our side of the court clean,” said setter and team captain Bailey Wilson (‘17).

With practices Monday-Friday from 3:00 to 5:30 pm, the team is working vigorously to improve and strengthen their play.

According to Coach Wigfall, their strengths are that they are very physical and have a lot of experienced players. Their weaknesses are going to be making sure that they stay dynamic, not playing only physically… but also playing the finesse game. Also just making sure the team chemistry is as strong as it can be. To help improve on these weakness, Wigfall and the team have a plan to improve.

“We spend a lot of time together as a team…just to make sure we’re all very bonded and on the same page. We work a lot in practice on developing different shots and hits and options to have during offence of play,” Wigfall said.

With a new season, come new players for the varsity volleyball team. New players include outside hitter Jordan Pillsbury (’19), middle blocker Amanda Oliger (’19), defensive specialist Kayla Tait (’19), and outside hitter Jaylen Jordan (‘20).

“It’s a lot more serious [varsity], we have a lot more practices and it’s very intense but it’s a lot of fun,” Pillsbury said.