Beach volleyball readies for next step

Beach volleyball readies for next step

By Alexa Stiles, The Standard

Brooke Golik (‘18), who has been playing volleyball for five years, hopes to qualify for playoffs and ultimately take the title of IBVL Champions again. As a small group comprised of six players, the beach volleyball team has showed exceptional skill in going undefeated and winning the title of IBVL (Interscholastic Beach Volleyball League) champions last year.

“Our goal is to get better as a team and individually while still maintaining our strong suits,” Golik said.

Games and practices are held at the Metro Beach Volleyball Center in Chatsworth, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, making it easy for the team to commute from school. For members without a driver’s license, Coach Benny Hammond provides transportation to the facility.

Beyond the environment and players having to adapt to the wind and sand, beach volleyball is different than indoor volleyball with only two players on the court, as supposed to six.

“Each player has more responsibility and has the opportunity to expand their skills instead of being suited for one position,” Golik said.

In indoor volleyball, players are assigned a specific position based on their strengths.