Cheerleading Is In Full Swing

Sierra Canyon Cheerleading Squad Is In Full Swing


By Jacob H. Pollon

Sierra Canyon Athletics Dept.

Staff Writer


There is definitely more to being on the cheerleading team than just showing up to football games and getting the crowd into the game.

The year’s squad has put countless hours of hard work and dedication into making the cheerleading program a serious extracurricular activity.

“It’s not just rah-rah,” Sierra Canyon program director Rachel Kay said. “The team works extremely hard to improve their skills and does a lot of training and conditioning. The team works hard to improve their skills and wants to put a great product out there for everyone to see.”

The girls worked with a choreographer a few times over the summer to learn some new material, did summer training and currently practice three times a week up to two hours per session. The work outs are just like any other high school varsity sports team.

“We’ve been training hard for a long time,” Kay said. “They have learned 45 new cheers in total, conditioned and learned new skills.”

Kay pointed out captains Lucky Kyles, Gianna Marshall and Journey Carter as veteran contributors to name a few.

“We want to create a family-type atmosphere,” Kay said. “We want to be closer as a unit, get better each year and continuously work on our skills and technique.”

The team can be seen at all football games and other events on campus. The team is instrumental in getting the crowd hyped up and ready to give that extra push the team needs out on the field.