City of LA Celebrates Trailblazer Success

City of LA Celebrates Trailblazer Success

It’s good to win.

The city of Chatsworth certainly thinks so. Los Angeles councilman Greig Smith was on hand Thursday to honor the boys and girls basketball teams for their unprecedented sweep of Open Division state championships this year.

In fact, it was a total celebration of Sierra Canyon’s 10 state titles and two girls soccer regional championships.

Smith held a small ceremony on Rinaldi right outside of the school gates and said a few words about the championships, teams, student-athletes and overall school.

Smith especially hammered home the importance of a long standing relationship with head of school Jim Skrumbis and the importance of relationships and working together.

The Los Angeles city department of transportation (L.A.D.O.T.) then unveiled brand new street signs affixed to a light post on Rinaldi commemorating football, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball and girls soccer championships.

Skrumbis talked about the vision from founding owner Howard Wang to the current administration, students and outstanding leadership from well qualified coaches such as Jon Ellinghouse, Andre Chevalier, Alicia Komaki, Stefanie Wigfall and Kristy Walker.