Tennis looking to make individual impact

Tennis looking to make individual impact

By Carly Beard, The Standard

It’s match point, and Shaan Sain (‘19) calmly bounces the ball as he prepares to close out the match. He and Tej Bhasin (‘18) are the most consistent winners on the team.

Despite their individual efforts, the team has been outscored 190-44 through 15 matches of the season.

Yet having lost every match the team has grown together according to captain Luke Zaelke (‘18).

Numbers have been the biggest problem for the boys tennis team this year. Tennis requires a team to have at least nine players, and there are exactly nine players on the tennis team this year.

This includes four international students: Xiaotian (Tony) Wu (‘18), ShangQi (Alex) Wu (‘19), Haotian (Dale) Wenren (‘20), and Cheng (Eric) Zhong (‘19).

“We held our ground during the matches even though for the entire season we had people who were either injured or sick. This was unfortunate, but there was nothing we could do except hope they got better. Next year will still be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to playing with my old teammates and some new ones too!” Zaelke said.

The team wil be starting individual playoffs tomorrow at 1 p.m.