Tennis Squad Looking to Rebuild

Although the tennis team has been moved from Division 1 to Division 2, Head Coach Jack Tulattamagul still considers this year to be one for rebuilding the team to setup the framework for future success

“I’m excited to see how the team can improve and I hope to win, but more important than winning is for me to enjoy myself,” Eric Olexiewicz (‘18) said.

Joining the team is nationally ranked singles player, Shaan Sain (‘19.)

“Shaan should bring a new energy and expectation to the team. He’s the first real standout singles player in my time here, and he will make everyone on the team better, ” Head Coach Jack Tulattamagul said.

After only winning one match  last season, the team plans to renew its focus on fundamentals, working hard to improve.

“This year there will be a renewed focus on footwork and being consistent. I want the kids to put themselves in a position to win,” Tulattamagul said.

The team had their first practice on Jan 19, and will have their first match on March 7 against Birmingham Charter High School.

-Tej Bhasin